Amazing! Xiang Shiping was awarded the title of "Zhejiang Province Responsible as a Good Branch Secretary"
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On October 12th, the grassroots party building work conference in the province was held. At the conference, the participating provincial leaders were the "Ten Pioneers of Strong Foundations" and presented awards as representatives of good branch secretaries. Xiang Shiping, Chairman and Party Branch Secretary of Zhejiang Hengxiang Toys Co., Ltd., became the only winner in Longquan City!

On October 12th, the provincial grassroots party building work conference was held

At the meeting, the leaders of the participating provinces were the "Top Ten Strong Foundation Pioneers"

Take on the responsibility of awarding awards as a representative of a good branch secretary

Chairman of Zhejiang Hengxiang Toys Co., Ltd

Party Branch Secretary

Xiang Shiping

Become the only winner in Longquan City!

Xiang Shiping

▲Born in November 1974 in Anren Town, Longquan City;

▲He started working in 1990 and joined the CPC in 2005;

▲Current Chairman and Party Branch Secretary of Zhejiang Hengxiang Toys Co., Ltd;

▲He was awarded the honorary titles of "model worker of Lishui City", "Outstanding Entrepreneur of Longquan City", and "Served as a good secretary of Lishui City".

Behind these honors

He selflessly contributed as a Communist Party member

Supporting public welfare, poverty alleviation and assistance

Vivid Practice of Consciously Fulfilling Party Member Responsibilities

Xiang Shiping attaches great importance to it

Party spirit education for party members and employees

May 2011

Its company has established a party branch. Whenever there is time, Xiang Shiping organizes party members to study relevant policies and regulations, and sets an example to abide by civic moral standards; Every year, Party members and cadres are also organized to participate in organizational activities, go out for learning and training, etc.

Xiang Shiping said, "In team activities, everyone communicates, consolidates team spirit, cultivates a good corporate culture, and fully leverages the fighting fortress role of the party branch and the exemplary role of party members."

November 2014

Xiang Shiping has specially vacated over 700 square meters of office space for the construction of an enterprise party and mass activity service center, fully utilizing the "six small" activities, consolidating the hearts and manpower of employees, inspiring greater work enthusiasm of party members and employees, and promoting better development of the enterprise.

Nowadays, the number of party members in Hengxiang Company has increased from the earliest 4 to 15. The company's party branch has successively won honors such as "Excellent Grassroots Party Organization in Lishui", "Excellent Party Branch in Longquan City", and "Top 10 Two New Party Organizations in Longquan City". Xiang Shiping has also been named an "Excellent Communist Party Member" in Longquan City.

A person who is rich is not considered rich

Everyone is rich when they are rich

On the one hand, he strives to run the enterprise well

Every year, more than 400 farmers who come down from poverty can earn money at their doorstep. At the same time, the Anren rough processing workshop has been incorporated into the Hengxiang production line, establishing a production base for Anren villagers at their doorstep. This has saved the owners of over 80 individual businesses and handicraft workshops from the hassle of traveling between Longquan, Yunhe, and other places, achieving a win-win situation.

On the other hand, he is also enthusiastic about public welfare

It is imperative to repay the villagers and society. Since 2001, the total amount of various donations and materials has reached over 800000 yuan. Xiang Shiping actively sponsored the Anren Town Elderly Sports Games and offered his care to the elderly. The establishment of a "Five Water Co governance" group in enterprises has not only solved the problem of enterprise sewage, but also injected a new force into the sanitation construction of the park.

Taking on the heavy honor, Xiang Shiping said that party building work is an invisible force and a highlight of corporate culture. Winning an award is a recognition of his years of work. In the future, he will continue to better fulfill his responsibilities as a party member, develop the enterprise with dedication, and achieve a win-win situation between party building work and enterprise development

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