With the yearning for a better life, Xiang Shiping walked out of the mountain ditch. He chose to go out of the poor mountain dwellings of his ancestors, take the unique hard work and simplicity of the mountains, and with his unyielding spirit and the spirit of not being afraid of hard work, he has made his own career in the toy industry and realized himself. dream.
Borrowing poverty for a living
In November 1974, Xiang Shiping was born in a poor peasant village in a remote mountain village in Anren Town. Due to poverty in his family, he graduated from junior high school and dropped out of school to work as a farmer, sharing the burden of life for the family.
When it is often seen that the wood in the mountains is being carried out by a group of people, he will always guess the direction and use of these pieces of wood when he is sixteen or seven. At that time, people in the village talked about the usefulness of wood and thought that they would either build a house or make furniture.
In order to live and fall, he decided to learn from the teacher and practice a carpentry craft. After winning the consent of his parents, he was introduced by an acquaintance when he was under the age of 18, and he began his academic career with a carpenter.
After three years of glory, through his hard work and hard work, he has mastered the basic skills of woodworking. After that, he left the master and began to pick up tools to take the village to pick up the business.
Because of the good craftsmanship, serious work, and sincerity, the reputation of the young man who made the woodwork praised quickly spread, and his business is getting better and better.
After a few years, he is not satisfied with the status quo. Especially when I saw that many woods in my hometown were sold very cheaply, I felt very sorry. How can we increase the value of wood and generate the greatest economic and social benefits in the local area? After many days of meditation, he decided to go out and see the world, learn more skills, and return to his hometown to do business.
Hard way to start a business
In 1997, Xiang Shiping went to Yunhe County Toy Factory, which is known as the king of wood play, to learn to make toys. When he first entered the door, he was eager to learn, diligent and diligent, and worked hard to find and do. In his spare time, he earnestly studied theoretical knowledge and worked hard to improve his business. He quickly mastered the techniques of making all aspects of toys and developed a good craft. The products made in his hands were impeccable and he was promoted to the workshop supervisor of the factory in a short time. During his three years as a workshop supervisor, he constantly summed up his experience, researched and innovated toy production techniques, and achieved a qualitative sublimation in technology and management capabilities.
At that time, he had a considerable income, but he was not satisfied, with a sigh of unyielding. In 2001, Yunhe Shishun Toys Factory was established in Yunhe County and started its own business.
Since the founding of the company, he has adhered to the philosophy of “people-oriented, honest and trustworthy”, and the contract fulfillment rate and customer satisfaction rate have reached 100%.
Xiang Shiping said: "How to retain old customers and develop new markets, product quality is very important." Therefore, he strictly follows the process of production, carefully check the quality of the standard, and does not miss any unqualified products. It ensures the quality of the products and has won high recognition from customers. Its product has a one-time pass rate of more than 96%, and is exported to the United States, Japan, Europe and other countries and regions.
In the face of the impact of the 2008 financial turmoil on the wooden toy industry, he focused on innovation and enthusiasm, starting with technological innovation and organizing the development of new products to make products more practical, efficient and novel. In addition, to clarify the market positioning, product development is required to avoid the simple structure and low-cost varieties, and to manufacture toys with moderate prices to ensure the market demand and stabilize the old customers, thus making the production and operation stable.
The toy factory he runs has grown in size with his own toy making technology and the concept of integrity management.
Build your own brand
At the beginning of 2010, he actively responded to the call of the Longquan Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government for the introduction of investment. He founded Zhejiang Hengxiang Toys Co., Ltd. in Xixi Industrial Park of Anren Town with a registered capital of 5 million yuan and total assets of more than 25 million.
According to the company's employees, in the second half of 2011, there was an order that caused tight delivery due to objective factors. At that time, in order to ensure the interests of customers, Xiang Shiping quickly mobilized personnel and asked the brother company to help, and also asked some of the products to be hired at high prices. The company’s managers saw him doing this and were worried about losing money. But he said: "It is better to lose money, but also to complete the delivery as scheduled, we have to talk about credit." He personally led the team, went to the workshop and worked with everyone, worked overtime, and finally completed the order as scheduled. Because of his "integrity", he has won the praise and trust of many customers.
In recent years, the company has won the "National High-tech Enterprise", "Zhejiang Green Enterprise", "Zhejiang Forestry Leading Enterprise", "Zhejiang Industrial Famous Brand Enterprise", "Zhejiang Innovative Model Enterprise", "Zhejiang Promise and Credit Demonstration Enterprise" and "Longquan" The city's top ten industrial enterprises, "Longquan City Government Quality Award Enterprise" and other titles, has obtained ICTI International Toy Association certification, ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification, export toy quality license certification, ISO 14001: 2015 environmental system certification, GSV anti-terrorism certification Wal-Mart-FCCA and SCS certification, EU BSCI Social Responsibility Certification, GMP Drug and Food Inspection, FSC Product Chain of Custody, Wal-Mart Disney and other certifications have further enhanced Hengxiang's social and market awareness and established The good image of the company has laid a solid foundation for the company to accelerate its development. The company also focuses on the development of infant intellectual development products. At present, it has a registered trademark of “Qiaoyiren” and 38 national patents. 2 toy software designs. By the end of 2018, the company's scale and efficiency have been steadily developed. The output value has increased from the initial 500,000 yuan to the current 180 million yuan. The tax paid has also increased from more than 30,000 yuan to more than 8 million yuan. The rest of the people have achieved good social and economic benefits.
Get rich, don't forget hometown people
After several hardships and difficulties, Xiang Shiping finally became a famous local entrepreneur. The folks mentioned Xiang Shiping, who is both admired and envious. He is successful in running a business, but every time he goes home, Xiang Shiping sees that the villagers in his hometown are still suffering from poverty, and there will be a sadness in his heart. Seeing the simple and expecting eyes of the villagers, he always wanted to help the villagers. In his company, he has arranged a lot of jobs for poor villagers in his hometown.
In January 2008, he learned that the power line was seriously damaged due to the snow disaster in Anmin Village, Anren Town, which directly threatened the lives and safety of the majority of the villagers. After the town government and the electric power department quickly mobilized the repair personnel to repair, Xiang Shiping put down Live in the hands, led the team to the scene, and the power sector personnel to invest in the repair of the power line. In order to get the repair time, he also arranged for the staff to send the heat temption meals to all the repair personnel.
Xiang Shiping attaches great importance to and supports social welfare undertakings. In the face of vulnerable groups, he always gives generous solutions, lends a helping hand and presents a love. Every year on Children's Day, he does not forget to send the kindergarten children to the fun toys produced in the factory to help the children grow up healthily. For many years, he has insisted on sponsoring the Seniors Games, the Youth HNA Model Championships, and qualified students. While adhering to the cause of public welfare, he also firmly assumed the social responsibility of entrepreneurs. After the provincial party committee and the provincial government proposed the "five-water joint governance" strategy, the company set up a water control working group for the first time to strengthen the company's own environmental protection. At the same time, it also led the park enterprises to carry out environmental remediation. When the 820 flood occurred in 2014, he led the members of the Chamber of Commerce to actively carry out self-help in the first time, effectively reducing economic losses to a minimum. Since 2001, Xiang Shiping has participated in public welfare activities such as earthquake relief, flood relief, and hope project donations. He has donated more than 800,000 yuan in donations and donations.
He said that as an entrepreneur, as the son of Dashan, it is his unshirkable duty to help the villagers and return the society. Through the firm eyes of Xiang Shiping, we have seen the brilliant future of “Hengxiang” toys...