Rende is based, pioneering and innovative, using talented people in an eclectic manner.
Talents with both ability and integrity are the company’s eternal pursuit, but morality and honesty are the primary metrics.
In the company's full-scale development, we are open-minded and we welcome talented people who believe in honesty, ideology, potential, and innovation to join our talented people. We will also enthusiastically employ them.

Broad space for development
The company's principle of employing people is: to make use of talents and apply them properly; to use personnel to hold people short; Deepen the potential of each colleague to maximize their enthusiasm and initiative; At the same time, pay attention to the organic combination of each employee's personality and diversity, adhere to the best use of their talents, make the best use of their talents, do their best, and do their best to help. Every colleague has achieved success in his work.
We are fully committed to helping young talents to grow rapidly, create opportunities for talented and capable talents to emerge, provide a broader platform for talents with outstanding contributions, and provide all types of talent with the greatest potential for the development and display of talents.
Results-sharing platform
To promote the development of the company with the development of employees is the goal we have long insisted on. The company regards the sharing of results as the core policy to enhance employees' enthusiasm and maintain the stability of employees, and timely implement various personalized incentive measures in accordance with the individual's contribution to the company. At the same time, boldly promoting young, potential, capable, and thoughtful employees is precisely the positive encouragement of these young talents, which has enabled the company to continue to flourish.