Do a good job of party building in enterprises to enhance market competitiveness
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“I think the party building work is an invisible force, and it is the highlight of corporate culture construction.” Xiang Shiping, the chairman and party secretary of Zhejiang Hengxiang Toys Co., Ltd., said in an interview. In recent years, Hengxiang Company has based on the three elements of “the management of party members, the role of party organizations, and the construction of the system”. It has done a real job in corporate party building and promoted the development of the company.

Zhejiang Hengxiang Toys Co., Ltd. Party branch was established in May 2011, the number of company members from the earliest 4 to 22 today. “Our company attaches great importance to party building work. The annual recruitment party will have priority in recruiting party members.” Xiang Shiping said, “In the development of the party members, we attach great importance to daily education, adopt stress-stress training methods, improve employee ideological and political consciousness, and persist in maturity. One development."

Since the establishment of the party organization, Xiang Shiping has started from aspects such as image, quality enhancement, activities, and leadership of party members, paid attention to and supported public welfare undertakings, helped poverty alleviation, conscientiously performed social responsibilities, and established a good corporate image. "Because the company has a party organization, we have also received a lot of favor from foreign investors and become a long-term partner." Xiang Shiping told reporters, a few years ago, when a foreign businessman inspected a number of wooden toy companies, The overall conditions were quite the same, but after repeated comparisons, Hengxiang Toys, which has standardized party organization, was eventually selected and placed on the spot for 1.2 million US dollars.

Xiang Shiping has always adhered to the principle of "strong party building and strong development." He organized party members and employees to carry out labor competitions such as small inventions, small renovations, and small designs, and stimulated the innovation of party members and employees, and promoted the technological progress of enterprises. In recent years, the company has obtained ICTI International Toy Association certification, export toy quality licensing certification, has won the "national high-tech enterprises," "provincial innovative demonstration enterprises," "provincial technology companies" and other titles, the company's annual production value from 2011 20 million yuan Jumped to 110 million yuan in 2015.

Since May of this year, the company’s party branch has combined the “two studies and one” learning and education. Through studying the “Party Chapter” and party rules, it has studied and implemented the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important speeches, and improved the company’s party members’ sense of party spirit and responsibility and strived to “ Four lectures and four "good party members. At the same time, through party members, the “learning, teaching, and learning” education was radiated to every employee in the workshop, which further improved the ideology of the employees.

"I think that grasping the party building work means grasping the cohesiveness and combat effectiveness of the employees, better motivating the employees' enthusiasm for work and better serving the employees. At the same time, the day-to-day education of the party members and employees has been strengthened and the role of the party members as an exemplary vanguard has been fully promoted. The level of enterprise management has enhanced the core competitiveness of the company and achieved a win-win situation between the party building work and the development of the enterprise.” Xiang Shiping said.